Pacifica Bike Ride

First time on the bike in many years thanks to Omicron and the dojo being closed again. Snaking leisurely through the town checking out which businesses are gone, still there, and brand new. Pacifica is still beautiful and the best place in the Bay in my opinion. Shelter Cove – Pacifica Oyster Point – Pacifica…… Continue reading Pacifica Bike Ride


It is 4:15 AM on Wednesday, September 26.  It looks like I’m back to my regular sleep schedule as I had no trouble waking up at 4:00 AM.  I’m in a hotel though so the sleep wasn’t that deep and I had weird dreams as I usually do when in a hotel. On the flight…… Continue reading Seattle

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The Year 2016 in Review

It is now 4:07 AM on January 14th, 2017.  The holidays of Christmas and New Year are distant memories that seem to have happened long, long ago. The time off was not relaxing due to two little boys.  Yes, we had fun and yes we made great memories but with two little ones there is…… Continue reading The Year 2016 in Review

At Twitter today In the lobby they have a computer set up where you can take a selfie with various props.  You’re then posted to the Twisitor feed.  Good fun!