Einstein’s Dreams

Looking at my post list I had quite forgotten this one has been waiting some time for my personal comments. I finished this book last year. I put in my favorite quotes but then it just sat, forgotten. So without further delay let me get to it and post it. While people brood, time skips…… Continue reading Einstein’s Dreams

We are born, we grow up and we die

回れ回れ回れよ – Maware maware maware yo水車回れまわって – Mizu kuruma mawatteお日さん呼んでこい – Ohisan yonde koi 生まれて育って死んだとて – Be born, grow up and dieせんぐりいのちがよみがえる – Lifetimes come and go in turn https://youtu.be/boUuU5YT3ZM Work is very slow as most have not returned from the holidays so I’ve had some spare time on my hands. Today I’ve been cleaning…… Continue reading We are born, we grow up and we die


At 42 years of age my understanding of authority has evolved and I wanted to get these thoughts down. When you’re a kid there are people you just have to obey without question. This would include: your parents, teachers, priests, adults and now that I think about it, just about everyone except other kids. We…… Continue reading Authority!

Kairos Time

My Dad sent me “Longing for an Internet Cleanse” by the New York Times columnist David Brooks this evening and my Dad was right, I did like it. At first glance I thought the ‘longing’ might be for an internet that wasn’t just one big commercial dump of advertising, popups and monetizing. Or as Mr.…… Continue reading Kairos Time


Revelations:  Extremely interesting things I’ve learned that should be common knowledge but are not. Before modern sanitation was invented a lot of people had worms. I learned this from the Lloyds Bank coprolite (viking turd) studied by Paleoscatologists. Another common discovery in old faecal matter are trichuris nematodes – or whip worms – that can…… Continue reading Revelations