As you can see I no longer write very much in this journal.  In the past I used it as an open diary of my daily discoveries, experiences, thoughts and opinions. While I still like to express myself through writing, I find I must be much more cautious now.  The reason is that what one…… Continue reading Antisocial

New Look!

Welcome to the latest reincarnation of my blog! I’ve had this blog for about a decade now and it has gone through many phases.  It has been worked on diligently, completely abandoned, only to be resurrected once again then neglected.  If this blog were a human, it would have a lot of emotional issues. So…… Continue reading New Look!

New Look

As you can see I’ve redesigned the blog yet again.  I no longer am interested in getting more readers.  My idea for this latest reincarnation is like an open journal for me.  After I came out of the that eternal fog called World of Warcraft I became interested in technology again and all the new…… Continue reading New Look


For some reason, this blog has been running a bit slow for the past two days.  Tried uninstalling and deleting unused plugins, optimized/repair the database, installed WP Super Cache but it is still being a bit funky.  Hopefully it is just an issue with the server and will repair itself.In other news, I quit World…… Continue reading Updates

Renewed Interest

I have renewed interest in writing in my personal blog. will mostly just be quick blurbs and pictures from my outings while other topics such as politics etc will be posted first to The Global Citizen then autoposted here. This is where I hope to get further away from FB and create my own little…… Continue reading Renewed Interest