Mexico – 8.3.1999

Yesterday was a very long day.  Our bus from Acapulco to Mexico City didn’t have very good air conditioning and there was this toy that played Beethoven’s Fur Elise for 5 hours straight.  I don’t know why nobody else could hear it or if they could ignore it for that long.  It drove Jen and…… Continue reading Mexico – 8.3.1999

Mexico 7.30.1999

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday because we went to Mexico City then had to study for our exam.  So here I am on the bus to Acapulco and finally have time to write.  The handwriting is sloppy because of the bus! Anywho, yesterday we went to Mexico City after a short lecture on…… Continue reading Mexico 7.30.1999

Mexico 7.28.1999

Today was another day of classes.  These days are easier than the beginning because we have time to work  on our group projects instead of sti through class all day.  I did enjoy our last class about medicine in Mexico though because the professor was great.  He is a doctor MD and has various PhDs.Not…… Continue reading Mexico 7.28.1999