My Move from Tokyo to Saigon – 10.11.2004

Hello from Saigon! As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks due to a crossroads in my life. One one hand I was offered a position at a trading company in Tokyo and on the other, I’ve been invited to interview with a few companies here in Saigon.…… Continue reading My Move from Tokyo to Saigon – 10.11.2004

E-mail to Mark 9.16.2004 – Vietnam Visa

Hello Mark, Thanks a million.  I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude!!  I wascompletely shocked when they told me that I needed special permission to get a visa and so were the other 10 or so people waiting to get a visa.  They didn’t even post it on their website!  I also called the…… Continue reading E-mail to Mark 9.16.2004 – Vietnam Visa

E-mail to Phuong 9.11.2004

Hello Phuong,  I’m preparing to leave Tokyo and I’m getting rid of all my things.  It is a little sad to leave Tokyo but I am getting excited about coming to Vietnam.  I’m sure I will have a better life there.   Of course I don’t want to live in Hanoi, so I won’t accept any…… Continue reading E-mail to Phuong 9.11.2004

E-mail to Sarita 9.8.2004

Dearest Sarita,  Congratulations on the engagement!  I’m extremely happy for you and wish you the best.  Please be certain to send me your address around the wedding date so I can send you a nice little exotic present from Asia.   I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your insightful e-mails.  You are the only…… Continue reading E-mail to Sarita 9.8.2004

E-mail to Phuong 9.2.2004

Hi Phuong!  I made my plane ticket reservation today!  I will arrive in HCMC on October 2nd and arrive at 10:00pm.  If you are still in America on that day, then I can always go to a hotel and wait until you return.  I’m very excited about coming there but also nervous about leaving Tokyo! …… Continue reading E-mail to Phuong 9.2.2004

E-mail to Dad 8.29.2004

Good Morning Dad, Thanks for having C. call me.  It had been ages since I’d last spoke toher and it was good to have a chat. It’s almost September now and the weather has become cool and a bit wet here in Tokyo.  It’s a fitting season to be leaving Japan; a place where I’ve…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 8.29.2004