Israel – Palestine Conflict – My Thoughts

My international experience and language study has taught me that to really understand an issue, you must have lived there and speak the language. International news in every country is skewed through the lends of that language and culture. This distortion has become magnitudes worse over the past few decades as news has become entertainment…… Continue reading Israel – Palestine Conflict – My Thoughts

Trip to Denver

It is 5:43 AM on Wednesday, September 20th. I’m at San Francisco Airport where my flight to Denver would soon board. I’ve decided to start using my phone to write short updates primarily with the intent of replacing social media. It is more important to me to record my life on my own website instead…… Continue reading Trip to Denver

Remembering “The Dollar Theater” – Cinemark Carriage Place Movies 12

I’ve spent a good part of the day swinging on my patio overlooking the ocean, reading ‘Indigenous Continent,’ and writing about the summer coming to an end. I also read my post from 2016 about growing up in Golfview Woods. While I was back in Ohio this summer my dad and I went to the…… Continue reading Remembering “The Dollar Theater” – Cinemark Carriage Place Movies 12

Trip to Paris

It has been twenty two years since I last visited Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t write much about that visit except in this entry from December, 2000. I was a student then wrapping up my six months studying French in Lyon and Besançon. My fellow students are now mothers and fathers with teenage children living the…… Continue reading Trip to Paris