Trip to Paris

It has been twenty two years since I last visited Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t write much about that visit except in this entry from December, 2000. I was a student then wrapping up my six months studying French in Lyon and Besançon. My fellow students are now mothers and fathers with teenage children living the…… Continue reading Trip to Paris

Hostess’s Song – Saijō Yaso 西條八十

I am a bar flowerThat blooms by night.Rouged lips,Gauze sleeves,Mad dancingBy neon light,A flower watered by tears. I am a bar flower, A sad flower,By evening a girl.By day a mother.Tear-dampened sleevesConcealing the past.They are heavy as the nightwears on.And not with dew. These are the first two stanzas of the Hostess’s song by Saijō…… Continue reading Hostess’s Song – Saijō Yaso 西條八十

GME, AMC Stockmarket Adventure

(Originally posted on January 29th. Updated on 4.10.21 – Updates after original post) Yesterday, January 28th is one that will go down in history and the history making will continue for a while. In short, the internet just discovered that by banding together common individuals can beat evil Wall Street hedge funds at their own…… Continue reading GME, AMC Stockmarket Adventure

Dianne Feinstein Letter

Dear Mateo: Thank you for writing to me regarding the coronavirus pandemic and air travel.  I appreciate hearing from you, and I welcome the opportunity to respond. The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the air travel industry.  Across the globe, airports are nearly empty and flights are grounded because of strict international travel limitations…… Continue reading Dianne Feinstein Letter