What COVID Did to My Favorite Ramen Restaurant

Ramen Dojo was hands down the best ramen restaurant in the Bay Area. I went there for the first time in about five years and was sorely disappointed. I wish you all the best Ramen Dojo, please come back! Link: https://goo.gl/maps/XCBXjgBpgUEDuGFS6

Journal Entry – 3.5.2022

It is 6:19 AM on Saturday March 5th, 2022. The morning light is in its infancy appearing behind the black outline of Sweeney Ridge and has chased the dark away revealing a gray, wet morning. Looking into the sky I can see the weather is still unsettled as a strong wind blows large clouds heavy…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 3.5.2022

Mindfulness during a Nuclear War Scare

Being in the present, while drinking a goblet of wine, listening to Pink Floyd and thinking about nuclear war. The flowers really are quite beautiful today. I’m very worried.