Putting the Tree Away

It is 11:47 AM on Sunday January 2nd 2022. The temperature is 55 degrees but feels a lot warmer with the bright sun. Stepping outside to put away the Christmas wreath I had a flicker of the feelings and emotions I would have on a summer day at the Grandview pool. The warmth on my…… Continue reading Putting the Tree Away

A Christmas Scene

It is 6:36 AM on Christmas Day. The picture above was taken just after “Santa” arrived and delivered the presents. This is the scene now with the fish tank light turned on. 6:00 AM on Christmas Day 2021 We had family friends over last night for a Christmas Eve meal. It was great to see…… Continue reading A Christmas Scene

Christmas Eve 2021

It is 9:27 AM on December 24th, 2021. I’m sitting in our living room surrounded by the ambiance of our gas fireplace, our fish tank, my Department 56 Dicken’s Village display, the Christmas tree and I have Christmas music going on in the living room. I’m trying very hard to summon up the magic of…… Continue reading Christmas Eve 2021

Yuletide Village – A magical place.

Back home in Ohio. There is a magical place in Waynesville, Ohio. A wonderful RenIssance village turned Yuletide for Christmas. Love you my Ohio Renaissance/ Yuletide brethren! https://yuletidevillage.com

Christmas Morning

It is 6:36 AM on Christmas morning. I’m sitting on our floor chairs with Kai in front of the Christmas tree, presents and fire. I’ve got my tea and he is playing Roblox on his iPad. The lights are on in the fish tank and the turtles are swimming back and forth wondering where their…… Continue reading Christmas Morning

Journal Entry – 11.15.20

It is 6:52 AM on Sunday November 15th, 2020. It finally feels like the fall in Pacifica. Here on the coast we don’t have the type of foliage that change to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows signifying the arrival of Autumn. No, we have short scrub brush, Monterey pines and Eucalyptus trees. Our weather also…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 11.15.20