Pacifica Bike Ride

First time on the bike in many years thanks to Omicron and the dojo being closed again. Snaking leisurely through the town checking out which businesses are gone, still there, and brand new. Pacifica is still beautiful and the best place in the Bay in my opinion. Shelter Cove – Pacifica Oyster Point – Pacifica…… Continue reading Pacifica Bike Ride

Mount Fuji – Climbing from the bottom (Sengen Shrine)

At the Summit of Mount Fuji

My friends and I successfully climbed Mt. Fuji from the bottom (Sengen Shrine) on July 26th, 2017.  It was mentioned that we start from the bottom over a few bottles of wine and initially I was against it.  However, what won me over was when my friend Brandon told me that this was the historical…… Continue reading Mount Fuji – Climbing from the bottom (Sengen Shrine)

Journal Entry – Saturday June 11 – Buffalo Wild Wings

It is 3:00 PM and I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I enjoyed myself the first time I took my laptop to Devil’s Slide Tap Room, had beer, food and wrote in the journal so thought I’d do it again.  I thought it might be crowded but the place only has a few people in it…… Continue reading Journal Entry – Saturday June 11 – Buffalo Wild Wings

Devil’s Slide Ride 2015

It is Monday morning so I’m backdating this post to Saturday which was a day worth posting about.  My neighbor and I participated in Parca’s Devil’s Slide Ride previously known as Giro di Pacifica.  We did the mountain bike course which was his first mountain biking ride in Pacifica after I finally convinced him to…… Continue reading Devil’s Slide Ride 2015