Journal Entry – 3.5.2022

It is 6:19 AM on Saturday March 5th, 2022. The morning light is in its infancy appearing behind the black outline of Sweeney Ridge and has chased the dark away revealing a gray, wet morning. Looking into the sky I can see the weather is still unsettled as a strong wind blows large clouds heavy…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 3.5.2022

Mindfulness during a Nuclear War Scare

Being in the present, while drinking a goblet of wine, listening to Pink Floyd and thinking about nuclear war. The flowers really are quite beautiful today. I’m very worried.

Pacifica Bike Ride

First time on the bike in many years thanks to Omicron and the dojo being closed again. Snaking leisurely through the town checking out which businesses are gone, still there, and brand new. Pacifica is still beautiful and the best place in the Bay in my opinion. Shelter Cove – Pacifica Oyster Point – Pacifica…… Continue reading Pacifica Bike Ride