Revelations:  Extremely interesting things I’ve learned that should be common knowledge but are not. Before modern sanitation was invented a lot of people had worms. I learned this from the Lloyds Bank coprolite (viking turd) studied by Paleoscatologists. Another common discovery in old faecal matter are trichuris nematodes – or whip worms – that can…… Continue reading Revelations

The Ghost of Our House

We have a ghost; here I record the occurrences. It is 7:22 AM on Sunday December 16th, 2018.  It is time to give the ghost of our house its own post. I’ve always suspected that there is a friendly ghost in this house and have written about it in this blog (links to follow).  Well,…… Continue reading The Ghost of Our House

LTMD – My Philosophy

My evolving philosophy on life, religion and profound subjects. Update 11.4.2018 This subject continues to be on my mind.  This is important and something I want my descendants to understand so I thought it best to keep these thoughts in one post and perhaps one day bring them into one coherent essay. The Universe Everything…… Continue reading LTMD – My Philosophy