We are born, we grow up and we die

回れ回れ回れよ – Maware maware maware yo水車回れまわって – Mizu kuruma mawatteお日さん呼んでこい – Ohisan yonde koi 生まれて育って死んだとて – Be born, grow up and dieせんぐりいのちがよみがえる – Lifetimes come and go in turn https://youtu.be/boUuU5YT3ZM Work is very slow as most have not returned from the holidays so I’ve had some spare time on my hands. Today I’ve been cleaning…… Continue reading We are born, we grow up and we die

Aisling Song

Níl sa saol seo ach ceo,Is ní bheimid beo,ach seal beag gearr. There is nothing in this life but mist,And we will only be alive,for a short time. Aisling Song https://youtu.be/tTiSak8r9P8

Cobra Kai

I’ve written quite a bit about this new show Cobra Kai in the past couple of posts but thought it deserved it’s own post.  Cobra Kai is a new series on YouTube Red which continues the Karate Kid saga of the ’80s but from Johnny’s point of view and it is completely awesome.  I watched…… Continue reading Cobra Kai

Irish Party in Third Class

Here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people.I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting itYou never know what hand your gonna get dealt nextYou learn to take life as it comes at you.To make each day count https://youtu.be/KffX-8tx_Jw


いのちの記憶 (Inochi no Kioku) Lyrics, music and performed by Kazumi Nikaido. JapaneseRomajiEnglish「いのちの記憶」 (唄:二階堂和美)”Inochi no Kioku” (Uta: Nikaido Kazumi)”Memory of Life” (performed by Kazumi Nikaido)あなたに触れた よろこびが深く 深く   このからだの 端々に しみ込んでゆく ずっと 遠く なにも わからなくなっても たとえ このいのちが 終わる時が来ても いまのすべては 過去のすべて 必ず また会える 懐かしい場所で あなたがくれた ぬくもりが 深く 深く 今 遥かな時を越え 充ち渡ってく じっと 心に 灯す情熱の炎も そっと 傷をさする 悲しみの淵にも いまのすべては 未来の希望 必ず 憶えてる 懐かしい場所で いまのすべては 過去のすべて 必ず また会える 懐かしい場所で いまのすべては 未来の希望 必ず 憶えてる いのちの記憶で…… Continue reading 今晩の映画はかぐや姫の物語

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Karate presentation

World Oyama Karate put on a demonstration at the 2017 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.  I’ve always enjoyed the festival but have never actually participated myself except for the preparation of the Japan Airlines float many years ago.  My demonstration was called ‘kihon sono 4’ and we made BaySpo, (2017年4月14日) the Japanese language newspaper in…… Continue reading Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Karate presentation