Trip to Paris

It has been twenty two years since I last visited Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t write much about that visit except in this entry from December, 2000. I was a student then wrapping up my six months studying French in Lyon and Besançon. My fellow students are now mothers and fathers with teenage children living the…… Continue reading Trip to Paris

Thoughts of Paris

It is 6:48 AM on Sunday, March 6th, 2022. I’m listening to Je te veux by one of my favorite composers Erik Satie Je te veux – Erik Satie The title being French and the music a melody of light, playful notes make me think of perhaps a spring promenade in Paris. I’ve only…… Continue reading Thoughts of Paris

My Versace Belt

I’ve worn the same belt for over 20 years. In October 2019, I finally decided that the wear on it was enough and it was time to consider buying a new belt. This was no easy decision as I am fascinated with time and highly value items that are sentimental, things that are part of…… Continue reading My Versace Belt

Montaillou – Life in a Medieval Village

I just finished Montaillou by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.  This took me over half a year to finish not because it wasn’t great, but because I have two young boys and thus free time is non-existent. I learned of this book in a Reddit post and quickly bought it as it is right up my…… Continue reading Montaillou – Life in a Medieval Village

Journal Entry 5.11.2016 – Magical Memories of Christmas and France

Yesterday I spend a number of hours applying a finishing coat to the new fence.  This offered a lot of time to think and I thought I’d write a few down here.  The time is now 4:57 AM and I had thought I’d go to the gym but I’m behind in writing so glad I’ve…… Continue reading Journal Entry 5.11.2016 – Magical Memories of Christmas and France

Vietnam – An American complex

In the past week I have seen many articles concerning the influence of politicians service (or non-service) in Vietnam.  Most recently, Richard Blumenthal claimed he served when actually he did not.  During the presidential election of 2004 there was a big issue about the “swift boat” soldiers and to be honest, I forget what the…… Continue reading Vietnam – An American complex