France – Journal Entry 12.9.2000

I am now on the train to Paris from Besancon!!  I can’t believe that I will never see that place again.  It went so fast.  Now I am going to Paris and my sister will be there at 11am tomorrow.  We are going to spend some time in London then in Paris. 

Anywho, now I am a little sick I think because of smoking and drinking.  I can’t even keep my thoughts straight now because one, I am sick and two, I can’t believe a chapter of my life has closed.  I came here to study 5 and a half months ago and now it is all over.  I can’t believe how fast it went.  I am a little sad to be leaving but on the other hand it was time.  I was so sick of that place,, the rain, nothing to do, burnt out on French. 

But it was fun.  I got up this morning after a night where I didn’t get much sleep.  I left the fridge open so the ice would melt in the freezer for Birget.  First thing I did was take a shower and start cleaning the room.  I had to pack all my last minute things and make sure I didn’t forget anything.  Then Birget came over with all her stuff and Dustin and Christy helped her.  So I sat in my room and listened to music and wrote two letters,, one to my family and one to Joobin.  I sure miss that girl.  Such a sweetheart she is.  Well, I don’t have much time to write because the stupid battery is running out thanks to this old ass computer.  It was nice listening to music for once on this train.  I still have over an hour left though and my computer will be dead.  Such a shame.  I can’t even think right now very well.  Too many feelings going on…

By Mateo de Colón

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