The Pocket Stoic

I learned of stoicism after being introduced to Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations which I read and posted quotes about back in 2017. I am still fascinated by this wonderful philosophy and am amazed that the ancients seem so much more enlightened 2000 years ago than we are today. The masses today are taught how to think…… Continue reading The Pocket Stoic

The Spanish West – Time Life Books

The more I travel and learn the more I realize people of every nation do not know their own history. It is not necessarily their own fault but that of the elementary and secondary schools which teach a ‘happy’ and patriotic version while diminishing or completely ignoring anything which could paint the country in a…… Continue reading The Spanish West – Time Life Books

Travels in Asia and Africa – 1325-1354 – Ibn Battúa

I heard about this book from Reddit and knew right away that I wanted to read it. I love history and traveling and here is a first hand account from a well traveled (for the times) man from over 600 years ago. This is unlike a history book. History books are the past seen through…… Continue reading Travels in Asia and Africa – 1325-1354 – Ibn Battúa

The Tollund Man

Some day I will go to AarhusTo see his peat-brown head,The mild pods of his eye-lids,His pointed skin cap.In the flat country near byWhere they dug him out,His last gruel of winter seedsCaked in his stomachNaked except forThe cap, noose and girdle,I will stand a long time.Bridegroom to the goddess,She tightened her torc on himand…… Continue reading The Tollund Man


Revelations:  Extremely interesting things I’ve learned that should be common knowledge but are not. Before modern sanitation was invented a lot of people had worms. I learned this from the Lloyds Bank coprolite (viking turd) studied by Paleoscatologists. Another common discovery in old faecal matter are trichuris nematodes – or whip worms – that can…… Continue reading Revelations