Computer Issues

I’ve finally solved a computer issue that had been a major thorn in my side for about 6 months. It was a problem that caused me to reinstall Windows, start using Windows 7, consider ditching Windows all together and using Linux, updating and deleting drivers and reading a ton of forums. It all started when…… Continue reading Computer Issues

Windows Reinstall

Story below this post is primarily a guide for myself. In case Windows completely malfunctions  Boot from Windows disk and do a complete reinstall.Pull out the motherboard CD and reinstall driversDo a Windows update Just when I thought the major stress had passed I was greeted with a catastrophic Windows failure. Cleaning out my computer…… Continue reading Windows Reinstall

Encryption, Synology and External Disks

I’ve spent the last few days encrypting everything.  We’ve had a lot of home break-ins recently in our little seaside hamlet and it made me realize how vulnerable all our data was to thieves.  With all the security, firewalls, passcodes and so on I never really thought much about having our physical devices stolen out…… Continue reading Encryption, Synology and External Disks