Things that annoy me

In the Columbus Dispatch today I really enjoyed the piece by Joe Blundo with his “Things I’m Tired Of,” series. It got me thinking about things I’m tired of. I only have a few but wanted to get them down. “Woo-hoo.” I’m tired of my financial institutions notifying me I’ve gotten paid with a ‘woo-hoo,’…… Continue reading Things that annoy me

We are born, we grow up and we die

回れ回れ回れよ – Maware maware maware yo水車回れまわって – Mizu kuruma mawatteお日さん呼んでこい – Ohisan yonde koi 生まれて育って死んだとて – Be born, grow up and dieせんぐりいのちがよみがえる – Lifetimes come and go in turn Work is very slow as most have not returned from the holidays so I’ve had some spare time on my hands. Today I’ve been cleaning…… Continue reading We are born, we grow up and we die

Journal Entry – 9.1.2016 – Current Society, Ancient Rome and Business Speak

It is 5:56 AM.  I haven’t been to the gym in the while as my body is just tired:  it is tired from karate, from endless appointments, from visitors and from stress at work and tired from two young children of mine.  Instead of waking up at 4:00 AM as I usually do I just…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 9.1.2016 – Current Society, Ancient Rome and Business Speak

Origin of the word “Mignon / minion”

Just learned the origin of the word minion (mignon) which I thought was pretty interesting.   min·ion [min-yuh n]  —noun a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.a favored or highly regarded person.a minor official.Printing. a 7-point type. Definition of minion: at Although Henry III valued privacy, he liked to surround…… Continue reading Origin of the word “Mignon / minion”


When the baby is crying and being very hard to console I have a failsafe method that always works just like magic.  This song is “Do you know the Muffin Man” on YouTube and it must be this version, no other.   My extreme annoyance and that which makes me want to launch the Ipad…… Continue reading Annonyances

Grammar Nazis

I’ve noticed a trend towards grammar snobbery on Facebook the past few years. To those with bad grammar I say, be glad! There is no authority of the English language, “rules” are made up as we go along. “In the introduction to the 2003 edition of The King’s English, Matthew Parris reminds us that, “There…… Continue reading Grammar Nazis