Two Reddit posts that made me physically laugh out loud

The first was in r/jokes: Yo Mama’s so ugly, when she plays Mortal Combat Scorpion says “Stay over there!”u/merio67 The second I found tonight and for only the second time this year, LOL’d Someone made a cake of Andúril and the comment was: In your stomach shall it be reforged”u/DraphicGesigner And The cake…… Continue reading Two Reddit posts that made me physically laugh out loud

Blog Update – Blockchain and Internet 3.0!

Aside from posting it has been many years since I’ve done any updates to this blog. But recently many thoughts have been accumulating in my mind and yesterday I acted on them. I put on my headphones and thought about making just a few changes but before I knew it I was “in the zone”…… Continue reading Blog Update – Blockchain and Internet 3.0!

Internet Crisis!

Over two and a half decades being a computer and internet enthusiast there have been times when a major problem has suddenly happened. Sometimes it was forgotten passwords, others it was losing decades of data etc. Yesterday I had one of those issues and although it may seem minor to non computer/internet geeks it was…… Continue reading Internet Crisis!

New Server!!

Today is a wonderful day! After a decade of using the low end, entry model 212J Synology NAS I’ve finally splurged and gotten a state of the art server. I bought the 212J about a decade ago because I had always wanted to host my own blogs and thus not have to pay some company…… Continue reading New Server!!