Trip to Ohio

My family returned to Japan this summer to visit Baba. It was long overdue since we couldn’t go last year due to COVID, and me, being the only one who doesn’t hold a passport am not allowed in this year either. That means I’m a free man all summer. It suddenly dawned on me a…… Continue reading Trip to Ohio

Journal Entry – The Monday after Thanksgiving Weekend

It is the Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend. It is a time when most people have four straight days off. For me, I always have images of it being a very relaxing time where I can just sit on the couch, read, play games with the boys and consume various media. However, my image…… Continue reading Journal Entry – The Monday after Thanksgiving Weekend

Journal Entry 4.4.19

It is 3:56 PM on Tuesday, June 4th. This is the last week of school for my oldest and he has started bringing his classroom items home. This was always such a magical time of year for me when I was a kid. The weather became very nice, the pool opened and those final days…… Continue reading Journal Entry 4.4.19