Trip to Ohio

My family returned to Japan this summer to visit Baba. It was long overdue since we couldn’t go last year due to COVID, and me, being the only one who doesn’t hold a passport am not allowed in this year either. That means I’m a free man all summer. It suddenly dawned on me a…… Continue reading Trip to Ohio

2019 – Ohio

It is July 1st and I’m at the airport. I’m leaving a day early due to flying standby and tomorrow is full. However, I feel as though it has been enough time here and I’m ready to go home. On Friday I saw my good friends and we met at Byrne’s Pub. It was Ross,…… Continue reading 2019 – Ohio

Dragon’s Lair

I was watching Stranger Things and they had a quick cut to this old game from 1983.  This is why that show appeals to people my age (41), it reminds them of their youth.  I had forgotten all about Dragon’s Lair but was immediately transported back to the old arcade at putt-putt golf and games…… Continue reading Dragon’s Lair