Journal Entry 6.12.2021

The time is 9:11 AM on Saturday, June 6th 2021. This is my second post of the day, the first one just being about computers.

I’m in my reading nook on the second floor overlooking the street. I’ve got my new standing desk, the futon is covered by a proper cover and not a bedsheet and I’m typing on a *new* Mac from 2013 I inherited from my wife. I love this Mac, it works wonderfully for a 2013 model. Well, the speakers have both blown and that is one of the reasons my wife needed a new computer. I don’t use laptop speakers but Bluetooth headphones instead so it is no big deal for me.

I’m listening to this, which is now one of my favorites:

Whisked Away Again – Kalaido

I discovered this musician not long ago and this song along with “Hanging Lanterns” are my favorites. This song has a female voice singing which is reminiscent of something you’d hear in Studio Ghibli movie. It conjures images of a summer in the countryside of Japan, with a hint of yearning for the past. It is light and carefree but has a depth to it that cannot be described, only felt and only by those who have experienced quite a bit of Japan.

The countryside is so idyllic in Ghibli movies, such as My Neighbor Totoro that it almost makes me want to move there.

However, our home in Japan IS in the countryside. The reality is that you spend more time in the one air conditioned room than galavanting around looking for tree spirits. It is HOT outside, there are bugs and not a lot to do. I think that perhaps if we were even farther into the countryside, like Iwate or Akita then it would be a bit more magical than Saitama. But the reality is there would be even less to do AND we wouldn’t be near anything at all. In Saitama you still have Kawagoe and then just an hour or so train ride to Tokyo. If one lived in Akita, well, I’m not really sure what one would do.

Anyway, I had hoped to write a bit more but my wife needed help with the printer and this morning I discovered Canon will not support their old printers with new the new Mac OS upgrades. Aka, they practice planned obsolescence and want everyone to buy new. That made me mad so I just spent an hour figuring how to make it work. The post is:

Unfortunately I don’t feel like writing anymore and it is already noon!!!

By Mateo de Colón

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