High Times

I received a mailer today from a company called Amuse – Cannabis delivered to your door. Hey kids look, drug delivery! In college I argued for the legalization of marijuana. My reasoning was that the only reason it is illegal is because the pharmaceutical companies do not want the competition. I still feel this way…… Continue reading High Times

American Scam

Ever since I came back to the USA in 2006 I’ve always felt like I’m under constant assault from businesses trying to separate me from my money. Do you want this service, that service, can I upsize that for you, have you heard about our whatever. To top it all I decided to quit the…… Continue reading American Scam

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Thoughts on Ethnicity

These days, especially under the Trump administration there has been a lot of division.  This has been seen with Trump refusing to denounce the white nationalists and forcing the NFL players to stand.  The NFL players are protesting what they see as police brutality, but it goes deeper than that.  Here are my thoughts. The…… Continue reading Thoughts on Ethnicity