Mexico 7.30.1999

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday because we went to Mexico City then had to study for our exam.  So here I am on the bus to Acapulco and finally have time to write.  The handwriting is sloppy because of the bus! 

Anywho, yesterday we went to Mexico City after a short lecture on the political parties of Mexico.  Our first stop was at the Modelo Brewing Company.  

OK, I couldn’t write very well on the bus so now I”m on the beach at Acapulco and going to finish writing about this day.  We went to the Modelo brewing company and saw how beer was made.  It’s amazing the process they go through to make beer.  At the end of the tour we got to try the product and Greg got wasted.  He drank some eight beers in a very short time and got a little drunk.  I only had four and caught a little buzz.  After that we went to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  That is where the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared.  Later that night we all had to study for our exam.  Well, here is where I’m going to quit to keep the dates correct in this diary.  

By Mateo de Colón

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