Mexico – 8.3.1999

Yesterday was a very long day.  Our bus from Acapulco to Mexico City didn’t have very good air conditioning and there was this toy that played Beethoven’s Fur Elise for 5 hours straight.  I don’t know why nobody else could hear it or if they could ignore it for that long.  It drove Jen and I crazy.  We also only got one movie, Godzilla, but at least it was in English.  I also felt like I was going to die from being sick.  

My nose was running the whole time and I had to keep re-using tissues.  That bus ride was VERY long.  When we finally got to the terminal we couldn’t remember the name of the other station we had to go to and decided to ask a cab driver.  He wanted to charge us 150 pesos which officially makes him a thief and someone who should be shot.  I knew it was only 45 pesos and went to the taxi box of Authorized Taxis.  The guy who I had just asked was Authorized but had tried to rip us off.  I got our ticket and the other taxi drivers wanted to take us directly to Texcoco saying it was safer.  Honestly, how stupid do they think us gringos are?  

So we got our taxi and went to the other station where we caught a bus to Texcoco.  It was nice to finally be back where the combies would take us where we had to go and we really didn’t have to worry about being robbed anymore.  I don’t think I like Mexico very much.  I’ve tried to keep an open mind but I think I don’t really like it.  I guess it’s just because of how bad the economic situation has gotten here and how dirty most of the towns are.  There are beggars everywhere, you go and you always have to watch for getting robbed or swindled.  

Well, today is when we have to start our final drive towards the final project.  Our group is running smoothly and getting things done.  I guess the other groups are fighting, complaining and bickering.  I guess everyone is just tired of each other but my group is doing great.  In a worst case scenario of complaining is Geralyn again.  She got fed up with everything and isn’t going to do a project and moved out of the hotel into her Mexican boyfriend’s place.  What a whore.  She really does have a screw loose.  Hisam tells me all the girls are bitching about each other as well.  Thank God I”m a guy.  All in all I think I’ve had a really good experience here and am glad I did it.  It’s so trying though being with these same people constantly though.  

I’m really looking forward to going back to my cozy apartment and American food.  It’s amazing how fast this trip has really gone.  I remember in the beginning I didn’t think I would like Mexico that much and that this would be a long six weeks.  It went so fast because the program kept us so busy.  I learned so much this summer and am really glad I had this opportunity.  The good thing is that we still have 2 months of summer left when I can catch up on relaxation.  I will have to go back to work but it’s just not that big a deal.  

One thing I am frustrated about right now is the fact that Tory hasn’t written me since the 23rd of July.  I wonder if her Web T.V. is broken or if she has found another guy?  I don’t think she would do that to me but you never know.  Either way I don’t have time to worry about it right now because I want to get an A on the final project and it has been taking up a lot of time.  

Night ——-

Ok, it has really not been a good day.  The main reason for this is I am sick.  I have a sore throat, I cough, I sneeze and my body feels like hell.  I feel a little better at the present moment though because I just got out of a super hot shower.  Today is also not good because I have no money.  I somehow spent $300 on the Acapulco trip and really don’t want to call home and ask for more.  The group is going to a fokelore ballet tomorrow but like I said, I’m out of money.  I do regret missing it but beyond the money thing I am just too sick to go anywhere.  Another thing I really didn’t like about today was the fact that Tory still hasn’t E-mailed me.  One half of me worries about her and hopes she is ok while the other half is really upset with her.  

Again, I can’t really worry about it because this journal is due tomorrow and we also have an exam.  This week is jut no fun and I can’t wait to arrive home to my normal life.  I did enjoy this trip though and it has been an invaluable experience.  I am truly blessed.  

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/