Mexico – 7.26.1999 – Johanna

Yesterday was a free day and we spent the day relaxing.  First, Jen, Angela, Greg and I went to town for some lunch.  We ate  at the restaurant I went to on my day off and I got my regular burger and fries.  After that we walked around the town again but had gotten most of the shopping done the day before so it was pretty boring.  We went back to the hotel and Jen and I went to get some pictures of the city since the hotel was on top of a hill.  We sat for a couple hours overlooking the city and just talking about everything.  Afterwards we got Greg and Angela and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant.  Nothing too exciting happened that day.  

Today we have been traveling all day.  Our first stop was at Dolores Hidalgo.  We ddint’ ahve much time and were all supposed to be back within half an hour.  Then everything went to hell.  Maria was saying at the beginning that a half an hour wasn’t enough time to see the city.  So what does she do?  Comes back 20 minutes late which is ridiculous.  She had gotten better about being late but that was ridiculous.  It shows that she has no respect for the group.  I however could not say anything out of respect for my elders.  Hisam can though and he let her have it.  Now, I like Maria but enough is enough.  She tried to make a weak argument about how she was on time when she wasn’t.  Then we still had to wait for Johanna and Kathy.  They ended up being 40 minutes late and everyone was pretty upset.  The thing is though, that everyone complains about them being late all the time but don’t have the courage/balls to say anything to them.  By this point I was steamed and let them have it.  Now I didn’t mean to yell at Kathy because she is a sweetheart but I couldn’t yell just at Johanna.  I don’t feel bad for it either because she is ALWAYS late.  IF she doesnt’ get her way she bitches.  Also, I was still steamed for snapping at me before and countless other things that had built up.  I made tactful comments before when she was late and she would go into innocent mode and try and not realize that she had done anything wrong.  Well, this time I let her know it.  Then she had the nerve to call me an asshole.  So I put her in her place and she kept muttering under her breath so I couldn’t hear her.  

When we got to the next town (San Miguel de Allende) Johanna has a little smile on her face then made eye contact with me.  We got face to face and she tried to intimidate me or something.  Well that just didn’t happen.  I tried to call a truce and said how we had to be together for two more weeks and could call a truce.  However, she would have to understand that we have a schedule to follow and that includes her.  Her only replay was “Oh really.”  I just had to put her in her place again because I have no patience for bratty sorority girls that always have to have their way.  I saw her go and talk to Carmen and I’m sure she went into innocent little girl mode like she always does.  She deserved what she got.  I can’t believe everyone is afraid to say anything to her when it happens over and over.  IT had to be done.  I did feel bad about Kathy though but I think Johanna sort of controls her.  They are always doing what Johanna wants to do.  They have backed out on plans more times than I can remember because of Johanna.  

Another thing that really pisses me off is the way everyone talks behind everyone’s back here.  None of the group has the balls to tell the person what they think but rather bitch about them to someone else.  This day on the bus was a good example.  Grumble about how angry they are that Johanna is so late but then become buddy-buddy with them when they arrive and do not say anything.  If I have a problem with someone I let them know rather than bitch and complain behind their back.  

That night I told Kathy how sorry I was and didn’t mean to yell at her but only to Johanna and she just sort of got in the way. So her and I are back to the way we were.  She also let me know that Johanna had a problem (I’m guessing female problem) and that is the reason they were late.  If that’s the case she could have just hinted to that and would have been promptly forgiven.  But rather she disrespects us and doesn’t even say sorry.  Besides it was the 4th or 5th time she was late so I am not sorry for letting her have it.

Anywho, back to the city.  San Miguel is a very artsy city and there were a ton of Americans and Europeans there.  Jen, the Farm Boys and I walked around for a bit and ate pizza at a restaurant.  

After that we headed back to Texcoco and it was about an 8 hour drive.  I wasn’t in the best mood because of what happened so I mostly read Don Quixote and listed to the radio.  

By Mateo de Colón

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