Friday 9.19.2014

I am glad it is Friday. This week we had our very first rain after going through most of the year without even a dark cloud.  I was sitting outside on an unusually warm Wednesday night when the wind picked up, clouds rolled in and it reminded me of what happens back in Columbus, Ohio…… Continue reading Friday 9.19.2014

Thursday morning

It is a cold wet morning here in Pacifica.  I’m sitting at the Starbucks people watching and waiting for the time to pass before I must meet up with a colleague. I’m going to try and make an effort to write something in my blog everyday to add a little more substance to this online…… Continue reading Thursday morning

Moving Forward

Approximately one month and a half ago I switched careers and ventured into a position with an entirely new industry. A large American corporation with a great reputation for honest dealings with the customer and a fun beginning it has been. There is a bit of pressure, but the freedom to go out and make…… Continue reading Moving Forward