Business Letter Declining price decrease

Hi Russell,

Thank you very much for the update and advising me of the situation.

It is not unusual for some of our competitors to be priced below us; where they are unable to compete in quality and service they will do so on price which is certainly not unique to car rental.   For our customers, and corporate customers especially, we pride ourselves on excellent service and a product quality that are unmatched by our competitors.  In doing so, we’ve gained the business as well as trust of the majority of large companies that have significant travel spend here in the Bay Area even though we may not be the cheapest option. 

I would love the opportunity to serve Gymboree but as I mentioned on the phone we keep the rates in line with what our other customers receive and this is a component of why so many corporations choose to do business with us.  I am available for a meeting with you and Andy to show the value and why we are the best option, but if rates are the overriding concern then other options may be more suitable.

Thank you again for working with me; if there are any other angles we could look at aside from rate to gain the Gymboree business I’ll do everything I can to accommodate.


By Mateo de Colón

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