Journal Entry – Saturday June 11 – Buffalo Wild Wings

It is 3:00 PM and I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I enjoyed myself the first time I took my laptop to Devil’s Slide Tap Room, had beer, food and wrote in the journal so thought I’d do it again.  I thought it might be crowded but the place only has a few people in it and I could choose a table in the back where I could write in peace.  I’m not wearing my headphones because the music is pretty loud in here.

To start the day I went on a hike.  I didn’t take the car or anything, just walked out the front door and up to Two Pines; it took about two hours to get there.  I had tried to get to my favorite spot but there isn’t a trail and the poison oak was thick.  I was almost there, surrounded by it and had on shorts.  I decided I really didn’t want to risk it and I would certainly have had to go through a bush of it so I turned back.  I may still have it on my legs – we’ll find out tomorrow.  My aim was to get a virtual reality picture and the spot surrounded by the poison oak is the best; but Two Pines is almost just as good.  Then it was two hours back, a shower and now I find myself at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Since I have some precious free time I thought having some wings then catch the movie World of Warcraft – which just came out this weekend -would be fun.  I just checked out the movie times and the next one is at 6:10 PM.  I can drag out my time at BWW until a little after 4:00 and then perhaps I’ll get a massage then head over to the movie theater.  It is a rare occasion that I have time to myself so I have to take full advantage!

Well, to be honest I really cannot think of much to write about at the moment.  I’m pretty beat from that hike and the trivia is calling my name.  I think I’ll play some trivia; perhaps I’ll write more later.

Ok, so I closed the screen and put in my order.  Not three minutes later my order arrived so I didn’t get to do any trivia!  I’ve just ordered my final beer and going to see if I even still have the trivia app.

By Mateo de Colón

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