Thanksgiving 2016

It is 11:01 AM on Thanksgiving day.  I didn’t get any exercise in this year and even forgot my gi yesterday at karate so didn’t participate.  Looking back at previous Thanksgivings it seems I did get exercise in.  Well, I suppose the good news is with karate I’m exercising a heck of a lot more this year than in previous so no big deal I didn’t get to do it this year.


I woke up at 12:30 AM but instead of writing or doing anything else I made myself go back to sleep.  I ended up sleeping until about 5:00 AM, put away the dishes, drank wheatgrass and even got a picture of the moon.  It was a Waning Crescent, Jupiter was near and an airplane between them. Then it was time to start thinking about preparation for the Thanksgiving meal as well as straightening up the place a bit more.

The turkey is now in the oven and I’ve got the giblets cooking for the stock. The kids are driving me a bit crazy as they’re not playing very well together this morning and so keep coming to me.  I’ll really miss the young versions when they’re grown but young kids can also be a pain in the butt!  There really is no free time when they are young.

*Axel just called and it was great catching up with him.  He has recently returned from Vietnam and now setting up shop in the USA.  Holidays like this are a great time to catch up with people you haven’t spoken with in a while and it is good to do it by phone which many people have forgotten how to use these days.

The time is now 12:05 PM and I’ve just learned that my friend Kazuko and family are going to Fisherman’s Wharf because her husband wants to eat shrimp and mussel spaghetti!  So it looks like guests won’t be arriving until around 2:00 PM or after.  Perhaps this offers a good chance to go do a bit of Pokémon then?

Signing off for now but might write a bit more later on.

It is now 2:35 PM and everyone is on their way over.  For Thanksgiving I’d like people to come over a bit sooner but everyone has things they want to do during the day.

So, since we had some time we went down to the beach and played Pokémon.  Then we drove around a bit to put my youngest to sleep and he is still sleeping in the car.  Finally around 2:20 PM I didn’t want to wait anymore so I cracked open a Blind Pig beer from the Russian River brewery.  That is the brewery which has Pliny the Elder (and Younger) which are both in the top 20 beers in the world on BeerAdvocate.  I’ve got Pliny the Elder just for Thanksgiving but to be honest I now prefer the Blind Pig over the Pliny.  I still haven’t had Pliny the Younger though which is only available for two – three weeks out of the year and for which one has to stand at least four hours in line.

I just remembered I need to refresh myself on how to make gravy.  Highly doubt I’ll write more today but we shall see.

Turkey 2016


By Mateo de Colón

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