Two Reddit posts that made me physically laugh out loud

The first was in r/jokes: Yo Mama’s so ugly, when she plays Mortal Combat Scorpion says “Stay over there!”u/merio67 The second I found tonight and for only the second time this year, LOL’d Someone made a cake of Andúril and the comment was: In your stomach shall it be reforged”u/DraphicGesigner And The cake…… Continue reading Two Reddit posts that made me physically laugh out loud

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Trip to Ohio

My family returned to Japan this summer to visit Baba. It was long overdue since we couldn’t go last year due to COVID, and me, being the only one who doesn’t hold a passport am not allowed in this year either. That means I’m a free man all summer. It suddenly dawned on me a…… Continue reading Trip to Ohio

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The First Day of Summer 2021

It is 4:35 AM on Tuesday June 15th, 2021. There is no moon, a heavy fog lies above and the street is dimly illuminated by a street lamp. The world is silent with the only sounds coming from the air pump for my fish tank and a slight, chill breeze wafting through the trees. Everyone…… Continue reading The First Day of Summer 2021

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