Journal Entry – 11.29.2016

The Enchanted Forest

It is 5:59 AM.  I haven’t gone to the gym in a while but my body remains sore from karate so at least I’m getting exercise in.  It will soon be time to start up the morning gym routine again.

Things have been very busy.  Before Thanksgiving I had quarterly reviews, meetings, business reviews and so on that made the time pass quickly.  Just a short time ago I was writing about Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season.  Well, we’ve now completed two holidays and it is now the month of the main and final event, Christmas.

Thanksgiving went well but is pretty much a blur due to following my favorite turkey recipe.  I had the turkey in the oven at 10 AM which meant I could take it out around 3:00 PM (it was a 21.69 pounder).  So I sat and waited, did some stuffing preparation, waited some more.  Then got tired of waiting and went down to Rock-a-way beach to play Pokémon with the boys.  Came back and then once three hit everyone arrived at once!  So now everyone is arriving but I also had to take out the turkey and once that is done the real cooking begins.  Stuffing then goes in the oven, gravy is made from the drippings, turkey must rest then be carved and so on.

So the holiday went pretty slowly until around 3:00 PM on Thursday and then bang, it was Monday morning.

The Enchanted Forest
The Enchanted Forest

On Friday we went to the Dickens Fair with Kazuko and her family, then to the Pacifica pier and after that Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  We didn’t go to the tide pools but instead to the forest up on the hill overlooking the ocean.  Up there is what I call the “Enchanted Forest,” which is really a very old road that used to be the way to get to the Moss Beach Distillery back in the 1920s.  As you can see from the my picture, when the sun hits the trees at the right angle it creates streams of light through the trees onto the road.  I’ve always found this to be very magical and so take friends and family here for pictures.

On Saturday we had karate and then went for ramen as usual.  Then Sunday we put up the Christmas tree, decorations and watched a lot of Christmas movies such as: The Polar Express, A Christmas Tale (Mickey Mouse), Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman (classic versions).

Monday was my sons birthday.  He had school in the morning and then some friends over to break piñatas, have cupcakes and celebrate his birthday.

Work was rather slow and although I had a meeting on the calendar I didn’t have to go.  We have a new rep in that area and the meeting was at a corporate customer who didn’t respond confirming the meeting until very late.  It wasn’t even my customer and it is good for the new rep to get used to doing things by herself as the previous (successful) representative did.

So in a nutshell that was the Thanksgiving weekend.  Many people took yesterday (Monday) off so I’m sure things will be a bit busier today.  There are also a number of things I have to complete as well.

But all in all I’m hoping for a relatively slow December.  Here in the Bay Area many tech companies actually shut down for half of the month which means much less work to be done.  It would give me time to write my “check in at 39” post as well as my thoughts on 2016 overall.  The years continue to pass by very quickly and I’m sure I’ll soon be staring at 50 years old before I know it.  What a crazy thought.

By Mateo de Colón

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