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Take it from Superman

The date is November 23rd, 2016.

The media is still going berserk with hundreds if not thousands of articles every few hours on the Trump presidency and the world of politics.

As for the Liberals, they are still thrashing wildly about unable to accept the result of the election.  There have been many pieces on how far Hillary is now ahead with the popular vote; there are petitions to give the Presidency to Hillary and there are many pieces on how voting machines might have been manipulated or hacked in many states.

To be honest, this really turns me off and I no longer want to call myself a liberal as it is known here in the USA.  There were protests where they smashed private property and otherwise destroyed a bunch of stuff (par for the course in Oakland.)  The mouthpieces such as The Huffington Post and Mother Jones still cannot accept the result and publish fanciful trash articles.  The main hashtag is #notmypresident which is cute but yes, if you’re an American citizen Trump is now your President no matter how many signs you make or times you reference the hashtag above.  People are talking about how much crap the Republicans gave Obama and so now they’re going to do all they can to obstruct a Trump presidency.

Let’s all give it a rest people.  Pull out your yoga mats drink some organic, fair trade tea and settle down!  You’ve got to admit that Hillary could have easily won but a very large percentage of Democrats didn’t even show up to vote and many others voted for Trump!  Hell, even the saving grace Latino vote had 25% vote for Trump!  So, as I mentioned before I really don’t even see the point of being a Democrat anymore when many of the stereotypes are turning out to be true.  So many of them are just too lazy to even vote so perhaps the awful things Republicans say aren’t too far off the mark.

Now let’s talk about the Republicans.  It is quite amusing to see Romney, just moments ago the virulent Trump critic dropping his pants, bending over and saying “Give it to me Mr. Trump, please give me an appointment, I really don’t care how big or small it is!”  What a weak and pathetic man.  These types of people will do anything to advance their political careers, quite possibly even literally taking it up the poop chute if it meant a spot in the administration.  And this guy comes from a religion that prides itself on moral character!  What a farce religion and politics are!

There is also the White Nationalist meeting that took place and also caused quite an uproar.  This is going to be highly unpopular to say, but let’s give that a rest too people.  The video showed probably fifty people maximum,(275 in attendance) four or five made Nazi salutes and the media as well as foreign governments went ballistic.  One would think that the entire South had just donned KKK attire by the reaction!

Take it from Superman
Take it from Superman

I think it got the reaction it did because seeing something like that, no matter how small, is so incredibly un-American and goes completely against all that America has stood for since the Civil War!  There is no place for that type of thing here, yet there it was in a Federal Building!  I also think that many people are afraid that this could spread, or worse, even be how many Americans actually feel and an official meeting like this is just letting the genie out of the bottle.  The thought is, “shit, we better put a lid on this because many of our citizens might not be as intelligent as we assumed and actually buy into this nonsense.”  After all, most assumed the citizens of the USA wouldn’t elect a President Trump yet here we are with a President Trump!  Surely, most Americans aren’t racist, idiot low-lifes right???  Well, no, I guess we’re not so sure after all and this makes a lot of people nervous.

As for me, I still have faith in the inherent goodness of people.  This little gathering of scum will just be a tiny footnote in the hysteria that occurred after the election of President Trump.  They all got together as they usually do at their clubhouses, tried their best to speak some German (Lügenpresse) when many of them have a hard enough time with English.  I bet maybe one could actually speak some German, the others just like to play pretend because it makes them feel smart to know a few words in another language.  And you know what:  the incredible press coverage of this little meeting must have helped their recruitment tremendously.  The meeting went viral, so much so that other governments felt the need to comment!  Well done Lügenpresse your incessant coverage of Trump helped get him elected and now this.  YOU’RE NOT HELPING!! And like many things in America these days you’re only interested in profit, in how many more papers you can sell or clicks you can get.  Oh, and you were completely wrong about who would win the election; that was kind of important you know.

Switching gears I’ve actually started using Twitter just so I can keep updated on what the President-elect is saying.  To be quite honest, he is starting to make me smile as he walks back so many of his campaign promises.  He will “keep an open mind,” on climate change, there have been some good things in Obama Care and so on.  I am holding out hope that by some miracle or grand design of the universe he will actually make the world better instead of crashing the country into a wall.  After all, he doesn’t seem to be beholden to much like most politicians who are bought and paid for.

The Left is sure he will drive this bus off a cliff.  This is a possibility but just as surprising as his win was, perhaps he might surprise us again by fixing a number of things that weren’t working correctly.  Or perhaps, there will be a lot of drama and a lot of news articles but things won’t fundamentally change much and he’ll be gone in four years?  In any case, America voted for him and so now we need to take a hard look at ourselves and where we are.

After all, I consider myself very liberal but am so thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic party right now am considering leaving.  Stop whining about the popular vote, the election was lost; stop trying to change the rules of the game after you’ve lost like a five year old having a tantrum.  Hillary didn’t even apologize to us for losing; she blamed everyone else and from what I understand isn’t a very nice person anyway.

And what state is the world in anyway?  We’re on the verge of WW3 in Syria and the South China Sea, our Obama Care premiums keep rising with no end in sight and Trump was certainly right about the infrastructure crumbling.  Race relations are quite low even though we have a black President and I feel leaders have let things go too far with the cops vs. BLM.  Yes there is racism, there is always racism, it doesn’t go away just with beautiful speeches by the President.  But what has been ignored by the Liberals is what cops have to deal with everyday and is that crime is committed in very disproportionate areas and populations.  That is a truth the Liberals will never admit and so we cannot have an open and honest discussion. One side just blames the other and things never get better.

So I have to admit, I’m with Trump on the law and order campaign promise.  Things have swung too far into lawlessness.

And besides, looking at American culture with the depraved reality TV, constant sex and violence on the most popular shows, worship of sports and entertainment, and general ignorance about the rest of the world, isn’t a President Trump what America deserves?  Is he not the perfect avatar of what this nation has become?

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