E-mail to Allison 5.19.2004

Hi Alli-san!

Sorry for the late response.  They are keeping us busy in Japanese class and actually giving us work!  I don’t know where they get off making us work and stuff,, it’s almost like a university class almost.  But actually my main sensei is Korean and she will beat me if I don’t complete assignments. Although I do enjoy certain beatings from time to time, I am a bit shy when it is in front of my classmates.

Your party was excellent and a most superb choice of dining establishments. Ethiopian food is very yummy, and it was the first time in my life I honestly enjoyed vegetarian dishes.  Maybe I’ll become a vegetarian as well,, just as soon as I finish gnawing on this slab of cow I cooked up for dinner.  I wish I could have come out to the after-party but I felt like complete hell due to my alcoholism from the night before.

Speaking of which,, there is an outing to Genius this Friday.  I had just made a promise to myself that I’m going to turn off my phone, not read e-mails and become a hermit for a while when I got the message from Axel about Genius.  I mean it is Genius after all..  I’m addicted to it Ally,, please help.  I need a Sponsor to help me in my time of weakness.

OK,, if you must send a note, which of course you don’t have to do,,
especially when there is a relationship as intimate, special and naughty as ours, then I’ll give you my address.  I normally would “forget” to include it in the e-mail because it’s really not necessary, but I know you will bug me about it later.



> Darlingest Matt-kun,
> Holy shit did I have fun last night!  I just looked at all the pictures
> you’re GREAT.  Very making-love-to-the-camera.  Very Giselle.  Very fabu.
> Good lord, though, was I trashed.  My tongue is hanging out in like two
> thirds of the shots.  Don’t let me do that next time.
> And duuuude, you SO didn’t have to bring me a gift!  Although, can I say,
> YUM.  Am still slightly too hungover to eat now, but will gorge myself on
> them later.
> Can you please pretty please send me your mailing address so I can write a
> proper thank you card?
> Seriously, you’re a blast.  Although I know you know that.
> With much love and props,
> alli

By Mateo de Colón

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