E-mail to Mathias 5.19.2004

Hey Mathias!

Correction, done!  It’s so much easier to translate between French and English then to Japanese isn’t it!  It sounds like you’ve got a tough schedule with school,, good luck.

As for Japanese class they split each level into two separate classes.  One class is for people who want to study with a textbook.  In the other (my class) we have to write a theme and continually revise it for the entire semester.  It get’s a little boring revising the same thing everyday but we get to talk quite a bit which is what I wanted.  I also chose a stupid theme: “America is the best country in the world.”  hahaha.  I can make everyone mad everyday and get them talking! 

Actually, they know that I really don’t think this way, or even want to go back to America so it’s not as fun anymore.  Also, America has been very very bad recently and this is not good for my theme.  So what I did was say that George Bush is really English,, because he has royal English blood, so all this trouble is just England’s fault like usual!!!!  Of course some teachers want me to be more serious, but if I was serious, it wouldn’t be any fun.

Take care of yourself, and stay out of trouble!



Salut M,

comment vas-tu?
Me concernant tout va bien, je suis en pleine preparation des examens qui sont la semaine prochaine. Apres je commence un stage de 3 mois dans un cabinet de traduction, autant dire que mes vacances d’ete risquent d’etre chargees!!

J’espere que les cours se passent bien a Waseda  pour toi. J’ai un service a te demander. Je suis en train d’ecrire mon memoire sur
la medecine traditionnelle a l’epoque d’Edo et je suis oblige de faire un resume en anglais. Je t’ai joint un document avec le resume en francais et en anglais. Pourrais-tu me corriger l’anglais???

Je te remercie d’avance…

By Mateo de Colón

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