E-mail to Allison 7.10.2004

It’s been a while, are you behaving yourself?  Are you even still in Japan?   The semester is going to end soon and I’ll be happy to take a break from studying Japanese.  It’s also time to start another chapter of my life and actually get a full time job with benefits.  I’m going to try…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 7.10.2004

E-mail to Allison 5.19.2004

Hi Alli-san! Sorry for the late response.  They are keeping us busy in Japanese class and actually giving us work!  I don’t know where they get off making us work and stuff,, it’s almost like a university class almost.  But actually my main sensei is Korean and she will beat me if I don’t complete…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 5.19.2004

E-mail to Allison 3.28.2004

Top of the Morning to ya! As you may already know, I have no shame, so there can never be a “bad” topic!  Have no fear! The lust love situations with that other group you hung with sounds interesting.  Can you imagine Axel or I getting jealous by petty nonsense such as that!  haha.  As for me,…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 3.28.2004

E-mail to Allison 1.25.2004

Alli-san, Hey hottie, this is your classmate El Mateo.  I’ve just made you a verykick-ass CD complete with your Will Smith songs and other old school classics.  In return I demand that you go out to party with Axel, myself, and any other degenerates who would like to join the debauchery.  You have exactly 2…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 1.25.2004