France – Journal Entry 7.18.2000

Last weekend we went to Nice and Monte Carlo.  I had a very good time except for getting there.  Bill and I went to get a bite to eat first and we were supposed to meet the others at the club.  After dinner at Pizza Uno we walked to Le Fish and found the others.  We decided it would be a stupid idea to try and check our luggage in at a club so we just walked until we found a bar near the train station. 

We had the dumb idea to take a 3am train so we had to stay awake until that time.  We left the bar about half an hour early and I slept in the train station for a bit.  It brang back memories of the time during spring break in Spain when I slept in a bus station.  There is nothing worse than sleeping in a bus station!  We finally caught our train and it was really crowded so we ended up sleeping on the floor in a really narrow hallway which was no fun what so ever. 

Finally after a couple of hours some people left the sleeper cars and we were able to catch about 2 hours of sleep.  Then we arrived in Nice and found our hotel after a tiring bus ride.  The hotel was called Mr. Bed City which remained the joke for most of the trip.  The first thing we did was had lunch at an outdoor café because we couldn’t check into our hotel rooms yet. 

When we came back I took a nap for a few hours because I was so exausted from the trip.  When I awoke the others had made plans to go on a boat ride to Cannes to see the fireworks.  It was really amazing and we had a lot of fun.  After that we walked for about 2 miles to a club that was really friggin expensive.  We had a blast there though.  The next day it was off to the beach and we ran into the guys from New Jersey and sat with them a bit.  Then around 5 it was off to Monte Carlo. That place is really amazing because of all the wealth.  We all dressed up in suits and ties and the ladies wore dresses.  We wanted to find a nice place to eat but nobody could decided on where to go so we finally ended up at a modest italian place. 

Jen was really unhappy because she was cold and wanted to go somewhere nicer and it started to rain and we were outside.  I let her wear my jacket and I ordered some wine and things started to get better.  After that we went to the casinos but some people couldn’t get in because of the age restriction so it was just Bill, Jen and I.  I won four hundred francs and had a good time. Well I’ll finish the story later because I need a shower and better get to bed.

By Mateo de Colón

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