The Ghost of Our House

We have a ghost; here I record the occurrences.

It is 7:22 AM on Sunday December 16th, 2018.  It is time to give the ghost of our house its own post.

I’ve always suspected that there is a friendly ghost in this house and have written about it in this blog (links to follow).  Well, this morning as I was feeding the fish a heard a small “pop” followed by a very soft fizzing sound.  It was one of those noises that seemed like it could have been a usual noise that houses sometimes make but was just loud enough to draw my attention and go inspect right away.

I first checked the halogen light but that couldn’t have been it because the light wasn’t on.  I still heard the low fizzing sound so then checked the baby monitor and that too was turned off.  Finally I pinpointed the sound of the fizz and it was coming from the discarded battery container.  A battery had exploded!  Now in all my life I have never heard a battery explode and normally would have just shrugged it off due to barometric pressure as we’re expecting rain today and when it rains in California things happen.  But seeing as there have been many incidents in the past as well as a frequent dimming of the chandelier over our dining table during special, angry, fun, unique times  I had to ask out loud if it was our ghost who wanted to get my attention.  I did not get a response.

So I went about my morning and started to meditate.  During meditation the idea floated into my mind that the “ghostly incidents” of our house should be recorded in a running post.  So here is that post which I’ll continually update.  It will serve not only as a running list but a nod to our ghost that I hear you and you’re welcome here.  Also, should you have the inclination to leave the following week’s winning lottery numbers I’ll even build you your own room.

I almost forgot to mention that there was another rare incident this morning but more of the omen type.  I Peregrine Falcon landed on my fence and let me see it in all its glory.  I wanted to go grab the camera but thought it best to just appreciate the moment and omen on this beautiful day.

It is also worth mentioning that the time is now 7:35 AM and the household is STILL asleep!  This is very rare, so rare that I went in to check on Kai to make sure he was OK.  Today, being Sunday and a day of rest he is welcome to use his iPad or do games as soon as he wakes up.  This means if there is even the slightest disruption in his sleep he will be up like a shot and out into the living room.  On school days he would just go back to sleep.

10.26.2018 – Motion Light turns on just as I finish up a post mentioning the ghost.

10.26.2018 – Discussion with Toy Thomas the Train.  I’m home alone having some wine and the toy Thomas the Train, which is in the living room starts to talk.  I respond and then it just lights up with responses and carries a conversation with me with its limited phrases:

  1.  “I’m a very useful engine”
  2. “On track and on time”
  3. Various train sounds

10.17.2017 – Buzz Light Year, Toy Potty and Toy Phone.  Buzz light year goes off in the living room at 2:00 AM right after I woke up and the same night the Toy Potty upstairs also went off.

1.4.2019 – During my morning VR Meditation session my Oculus Go suddenly switched off.  That is the first time it has done that (although I haven’t had it very long) and it seems strange that it would just turn off like that.  Coding glitch or our friendly ghost saying hello?

1.24.2019 – We were watching Blue Ocean II in the living room and the War Machine (Ironman) toy made suddenly started making shooting noises.  Nobody was were the toys were and it continued for about 10 seconds.  The second I got up to turn it off it stopped.  Ghost saying hello I guess.

11.8.19 – Had been in the living room for about an hour eating lunch and talking to an old colleague on the phone. I was waiting for a family friend to drop off my son after picking him up from school. Once he arrived we had to go run a few hours. I was tired so sat in the chair and just as I had fallen asleep the Batman helicopter toy made the takeoff noise. I bet it was the ghost and that my son had just arrived. I looked out the front door and our family friend was just getting out of her car. It was certainly the ghost waking me up to let me know my son had arrived. Interesting that the sound happened at that exact moment when no toys had made any sudden noises all morning.

4.22.2020 – At 2:28 AM the toy electric guitar made noise. It was on the floor and so couldn’t have slipped and hit a button. It woke me up and I considered the fact that it could be the ghost but I wasn’t in the mood to get out of bed and go see if it would make more noise should I check on it.

6.13.2020 – At 4:30 AM

I was awoken by the sound of a British ring tone and the urge to pee. The ring tone had gone on for a while being part of my dream but then realizing it was actually coming from somewhere when I woke up. I figured it was some toy making the noise and went over to the bag of of them. Looking through the toys it beeped again to the right of me. I grabbed my phone, turned on the flashlight function and waited again expecting it to come from some toy. After I turned my flashlight on it didn’t beep anymore. That occurrence was very strange and one that I do not have an answer for. I imagine it is the ghost or a ghost letting me know it is there by “giving me a call.” The very strange thing this time however was that there was no toy for it to come from, it seemed to come out of thin air. Interesting.

5/21/2021 – About 6:00 AM

One of the countertop tea lights flickered a few times as I was near it. It didn’t flicker any other time.

By Mateo de Colón

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