I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Yet, I do very much enjoy the websites and Youtube videos of conspiracy theorists for entertainment.  Given the fact that the DaVinci Code was so popular it appears that many others share this fascination with me.  On the other hand, when we mention conspiracy theories in public most reactions would be as though the theory is crazy.

However, there is so much history and often a shred of truth in many theories that keep the debates going and the people wondering.  To get a sense of what I’m talking about one simply has to do a search on Youtube for these:  World Government, Secret Government, The Illuminati and so on.  

Having read/watched plenty of them I really cannot pass up the opportunity to draw a few parallels between relatively recent events and these theories.  So please take all this with a HUGE grain of salt, as I’m just having fun……. or am I?  >:)

Before I get into the most exciting points of this blog let me explain my favorite conspiracy theory.

World Government

–  The puppet masters are at work.  These are the super elites who really pull the strings.  They have control of many nations but most importantly the most powerful nation on Earth (USA) and create the illusion of democracy/free society through the Republicans and Democrats both of which they control.  These include:

a.)  The Illuminati (1000 points of light anyone?)
b.)  The Masons   (Check the symbolism on your dollar bill)
c.) The Knights Templar
d.) The Bilderberg Group (Meeting of the most powerful people in the world)
e.)  The Council on Foreign Relations
f.)  Rosicrucians

and finally one that is just a few blocks from my apartment.

e.) The Bohemian Club

The Bohemian Club

From what I can gather, the main aim of these various groups is to form a world government.  I don’t know their main reasons for wanting a world government but the optimist in me believes that with a world government war would end.  War is basically brought about when conflicts arise between differing tribes.  The tribes became nations and then it was the war between nations.  Now we have economic blocs like the European Union and NAFTA.  The next step would be would these blocs allow people to travel freely and more governmental control.  At the end of all these alliances, treaties and blocs perhaps we would get to world government and then there would be no one to fight against unless aliens presented themselves (and were hostile… or hated our freedoms).

Further, the Earth is not growing any larger but humanity is.  If left unchecked then it is inevitable demand will outstrip supply and massive war will ensue.  Again, the optimist in me believes the world government does not want this to come about.  Yet, if there is no ultimate oversight what is to stop this from happening?  Economics?  Religion?  Politics?

If we look at history we are marching toward this aim.  The many nations of Europe have become the European Union.  The USA is a collection of states and differing tribes.  The USA is also at war in the Middle East which is a collection of tribes that have stubbornly refused to relinquish the tribal mentality and evolve into a larger entity such as an economic zone.  The integration of the Middle East needs some help and perhaps the elites have become tired of waiting and are just trying to speed up the process?

Some conspiracy theorists believe it is a war between Islam and Christianity.  I would think that the Christian countries have already become larger nations on their own accord.  Yet, it took World Wars One and Two to get the  Europe and the Middle East to combine into larger countries yet the process has stalled.  Therefore, a new war was in order to keep things going.

If we look at other nations outside the West and Middle East they have steadily become larger.  Every nation is a collection of tribes but apart from the West, the ones that stand out are: India, China and Russia.  Again, these nations are growing larger.

So what is the next step?  A combination of two nations and ultimately a world government?  Yet, to do so there must be a shock of some sort to get things moving.  World Wars 1and 2 were shocks that really shook up the global national maps.  The Cold War looked to do it again but fizzled out and so another shock was needed.  A big shock took place this decade (will remain unnamed) which really got the conspiracy theorists buzzing and lead to the war in the Middle East.  But without dwelling on that too much lets get to recent events which are the main topic of this post.

1.  The housing bubble and Lehman Brothers collapse

–  This leads to 10% unemployment in the USA and it just so happens that the Democrats win power.  This leads to national healthcare since many of the citizens are going to need it!  This is a major policy overhaul of which the likes have not been seen since The New Deal.  The economy almost completely collapses and if this had not happened it might have been difficult for the Federal Government to expand its powers as much as it did.  People needed the help (Economic and Healthcare) and although there were some hiccups legislation was passed.  The government takes over a major portion of the American GDP and thus gains greater control.

This would have been very difficult to accomplish in good economic times so we have to ask ourselves, what is just a coincidence that the timing seemed perfect?

2. War in the Middle East

Reneging on campaign promises Barack Obama escalates the war in Afghanistan.  They tell us that this is a war against terrorism but what does that really mean?  Why do terrorists want to attack the USA in the first place?  Bush said it was because “terrorists hate our freedoms.”  This doesn’t fly, there are other reasons that terrorists may want to attack such as considering the USA “imperialist” but what if the USA simply withdrew and became non-interventionist as it used to be?  Perhaps I do not understand geo-politics well enough and perhaps it is simply a case of the need to continually grow and control?

Either way, we have a politician that promised one thing to win the election then promptly changed his mine (I still love Barack mind you so this is not against him).  Perhaps he was persuaded by the intelligence that is only available to a sitting president or perhaps he was initiated into the club?

Even if we choose not to believe in wild conspiracy theories there is still plenty of information that is “secret” but given the term “classified,” so as not to have any conspiracy affiliation.

So what is the true aim of the war in the Middle East?  What does the USA want to gain that is not being debated in public?  Terrorists could be one part of the answer but there must be other larger goals here.  More military bases?  Influence of Israel?  Securing oil supplies?  Or, perhaps all of these are just moves on the chess board towards world government?

3.  Greece is about to default just as financial regulation in the USA is being looked at.  This causes a 1000 point drop in the stock market

Again, a shock is needed to get things moving so Greece is the perfect excuse.  The markets still do not understand how the biggest drop since 1987 happened (according to MarketWatch).  But wait, the brightest minds in finance can’t figure out why it happened??  So, as of today we are still waiting for the answers.

Again, according to the conspiracy theorist, this is just another play by the puppet masters to help the US Administration regulate finance which is the biggest step towards world government.  With different trading houses doing as they will it is hard to keep moving towards the goal, so they manipulate the world financial system to make Greece fail (or a number of others that could possibly such as Spain, Portugal or a plethora of East European nations).  One of the nations has to fail but it must be timed when the US administration is considering financial regulation which gives it a time frame of at least four years.

Again, finance is the most important key in this chain of events towards World Government so is this just coincidence or is it on purpose to smooth the way for greater financial regulation?

4.  The Environment

–  With the reason of the blast still unknown, the BP oil rig is now spilling millions of gallons of oil in the most beautiful ocean asset that the USA has.  The cause of the blast has yet to be determined but the interesting thing is that this has happened during the Democratic administration which is pushing for greater environmental controls.  I tend to believe that the Super Elites care for the environment and understand that over time the world will be overpopulated and eventually pollute too much for the Earth to sustain.  Therefore, any number of environmental disasters are bound to take place and if we look closely there have also been many mining “accidents” lately.  These mines dig up the coal which further pollutes the environment and thus just like in finance there are multiple catastrophes taking place and one of them (or a combination) have to stick in terms of shaking things up.

Now the US administration has the mandate to further extend its powers over environmental policy.  (Cap and Trade anyone?)

All of these recent events were designed to gain greater control of the most powerful player on the world stage which is the USA.  China, its closest competitor already has their population under lock and key (well trying to anyway) so they are on-board.  Japan is homogeneous so they won’t be a problem in terms of telling their population what to do.  Russia is under the control of Putin so that country is ready.  The only wild cards it seems are Iran and North Korea both of which the USA is pressuring to get their act in order.  Iran, by gaining WMD would cause panic in the Middle East, cause everyone to stockpile weapons and look at each other suspiciously.  Therefore, it would be a huge step backwards in terms of world government.  North Korea is not under any control by any Super Elite (don’t think Kim-Jong Il is in the club) but they should fall of their own accord although they are proving surprisingly resilient.

So, the pieces on the chess board are lining up and the puppet masters pieces are beginning to fall into place.  It is proving challenging to keep everything together but in the next few decades when the current changes have become cemented it will be time for even larger shocks which fuses a few nations together?

In conclusion when most people hear “World Government” they either brush it off as crazy talk or go ballistic.  But if we look at the course of human history our groupings have been getting larger.  Tribes were the beginning, the tribes turned into nations.  The nations are turning into economic blocks.  Perhaps the next step, and I can’t think of a great name but perhaps they would be “cooperative zones” where goods AND people can travel freely?  Finally, these cooperative zones become cooperative hemispheres and then finally World Government.

So bring on the World Government!!!  We have shown that individuals and innate human nature (greed) the human race is simply unable to live together in harmony and protect the environment.  With the rise of the West and Capitalism the thought was that by economic gain and pursuit of profits this would naturally lead to less war (European Union) and, given economic incentive, the protection of nature.

This pursuit of profits has created integration between powers which ensures that any destruction would lead to much less monetary gain which in turn holds governments in check when deciding to declare war.  But now, the stakes being much higher perhaps it is much like a volcano in that war is held off so long until it finally explodes to mass destruction?  Perhaps it is this apocalypse that is the main goal of the Super Elites?  Half of humanity wiped out which releases some strain on the environment and paves the way towards even greater control and integration between nations like the after effects of World War Two?

BUT……… nahhhhhh

I subscribe to Occam’s Razor in that the simplest of two competing theories is to be preferred

1. The Housing Bubble and Lehman brothers

– People got greedy

2.  War in the Middle East

–  The USA is pursuing its geopolitical aims and the Middle East got the short end of the stick.

3.  Greece Defaults

–  Bad government

4.  The Environment (BP Oil Spill)

–  They are dealing with Oil and Gas – These are explosive, humans often error.

AND FINALLY…   Yes, terrorists hate our freedoms………………..   (o.o)/

(Just kidding on that last one for any dense folks out there)

It is simply too difficult to imagine that any one person or group could have such complete control.  CEOs of major companies have a hard enough time as it is simply controlling their empires.  The pieces move to quickly and one would think that a secret this big couldn’t be kept for long.  Unless of course the secret is already out there but most just refuse to believe it?

Aren’t conspiracy theories fun!

UPDATE 5.9.2010 –  Well I’ll be danged.  There is actually talk of the BP Oil rig being a conspiracy.  See this article from The Atlantic.  In my post, I put in quite a few un-subtle messages that I was just having fun with conspiracy theories or perhaps half my social network would think I was crazy.  But apparently, the Right Wing in America really does think that the BP Oil spill WAS A CONSPIRACY!  Apparently, ANY lie, mistruth or exaggeration is acceptable to a large portion of the American media now.  If that is the case, can we please do some articles on Aliens and abductions which is more exciting than all the “earthly” conspiracies combined!   Also, if there is an Alien Abduction application process I would happily sign up for the immense extra-terrestrial knowledge I could gain,,, so long as their are no anal probes involved of course.

By Mateo de Colón

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