E-mail to Ryan 4.30.2004

Hello Mr. Energy/Utility company redeveloper! 

I bet if you tell chicks that in the bar it will get you laid.  hahahah.  But seriously, it sounds like you are on your way!  Ryan is all grown up now and has a real job and everything.  That’s excellent, good work.  

Funny story about the Indian computer nerd and you in training.  But the question I keep asking myself is “Is she HOT?” and did you put the McSeveney charm on her or what?  BTW what do you have to do from day to day?  Research stuff?  Talk with people?  Is it scary?  I can’t even imagine what it must be like.  It is really cool that you’re doing it and in New York, the place where most people want to go!  

Feel free to call me anytime shit-faced.  I made myself a promise that I’m never buying a phone card again I have to stay away from the computer too, but it’s so tempting at the time.  

As for dip, I quit also about 3 months ago because I ran out of supplies.  It was pretty easy because if I get an urge, I’ll have to order it online and then wait about 2 weeks, which is enough of a hassle to not even order it.  Besides, I started to realize that I didn’t even like it anymore.  All it does is make me tired,, but I had been doing it for so long, that it felt strange doing routine stuff (like writing e-mail) without a dip in.  But I’m done with it because I started to seriously worry about my health.  After all I had done it for 10 years!  When I realized that, I got scared. 

As for your friend and you putting stuff together for her to do… She can always stop by and do me if she’s bored.  ha hahahahaha.  

OK, here you go: 

1. The temple we went to was at “Asakusa”
2. The restaurant is “Gyu-kaku.”
3. The place where we washed are hands is the Meiji Shrine. 
4. The electronics market is next to Asakusa and is called “Akiharbara.”  

Other areas of interest: 

1. Mt. Fuji – Our drunk asses never made it there.  It’s about an hour away from Tokyo.  Can be done in a day trip.
2. Kamakura – About an hour away from Tokyo – Big Buddah statue is there.  

She should definitely go to Kyoto!  

But one week is pretty short, so she’ll have to choose carefully.  



By Mateo de Colón

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