E-mail to Ron 4.29.2004


Just got a chance to read your essay.  Can I post it on the website “think” by the way?

As for my input, I think it’s a great idea for the idealist.  Unfortunately
Capitalism runs on greed and without greed the system fails.  I think it’s impossible to tell the people to stop being greedy,,,(unless they are Japanese).  If people have the means to buy the biggest, most polluting, shiny car out there then they will.  If you take away that option they will have a fit, and so will the manufactures, and oil companies.  These people want to make money and are too powerful to stop.  But I see this as the beginning of the end for America.  It is in decline and America will become like Europe in about 200-300 years or so I’m guessing,, unless we blow ourselves up first which is a real possibility given the tremendous greed of
the current elite.  I propose a huge marketing campaign that says hey FAT AMERICA QUIT BEING FAT GREEDY SLOBS, and see how many responses you get.

Well, I’m sure most of them won’t be able to get out of their sofa or don’t want to miss any “reality” that is on T.V.so maybe there won’t be riots. But I’ve given up all hope for America.  I felt icky for a long time (while I lived there) due to the materialism and it’s only accelerating.

As for my second point, I think taking money away from the terrorist
countries would make terrorism worse.  These people need jobs and money so they can think about going to the club, buying a TV, or taking their sweetheart out on a date, instead of having no money and being lured into terrorism by the baddies and thinking about killing themselves along with a bunch of others.  I think Islam (the bad kind) and especially Christianity preys on the ignorant, poor and generally stupid.  The dumb are what fill their ranks and they would lose power if everyone had the chance to be smart.  So I think it would be best to: get them jobs, get them some entertainment so they can go somewhere else besides the mosque, and silence as much as possible the radical nut-balls.  Of course we have only done two out of three in our own country.  We still have the Christian Right, Mel Gibson, and a whole hoard of fat country people that will vote for the “Christian” president.

Finally, Dammit is spelled “Damnit.”


By Mateo de Colón

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