E-mail to Dad 3.19.2004

Just got home and saw in the news that Taiwan’s President got shot before the election.  You know, the guy that wants Taiwan to be independent.  The world just keeps getting better and better.  You know how quickly the situation could deteriorate right.  Gosh, it’s a good thing we’re in Iraq and don’t want to fight China and they don’t want to fight us. 

Oh, also just wanted to share a few things on why I cannot be an optimist… (just yet) 

Courtesy of the Japanese (English) news.  

1.  Japan’s Chief Secretary still says “WMD will be found.  It’s impossible they don’t have them.”  (Can lie to the Japanese forever)

2.  “Japan is bolstering security at the train stations due to the Spain bombing and the government is taking the appropriate steps to combat this threat.”  Yea right, anyone could walk in there with a friggin missle tied to their back and nobody would notice.  I just like how the politicians bs. the public on a daily basis. 

3.  The Japanese “Self Defense” force should be able to attack foreign military bases as part of the missile defense shield.  Yet, there is no intention at all of attacking a foreign country.   Huh????  (they are forming an army as I know you know, but the entire population of Japan doesn’t.) 

I ask you, has the public always been this stupid or is there just a virus of mass stupidity going around?  

I almost had to cry when I read these articles today.   


By Mateo de Colón

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