E-mail to Uyen Dang 3.12.2004

Hello Uyen!

I’m so happy to be in contact with you again!  I’m also happy that we think the same way.  I really do want to live in Vietnam and will try hard to find a job there.  Recently I’ve been doing a lot of internet work.  I put some of the pictures of Vietnam online and it can be accessed from my webpage at: xxxxxxxxx .  Just go to Pictures -> Asia -> Vietnam.  I plan to come live in your country on August 1st, hopefully.  I hope we can remain good friends!


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Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 11:56 PM

Subject: Nice Days 4U !

Hi Matt,

I’m very glad to receive your mail . That’s so suprised ! You know, I absolutely agree with U! at the first time when I heard Mr. Phuong told me about U, I think maybe U&me have some same thought about living and hapiness ! and at last I believe I have no mistake as soon as I recieve your mail !

I often check mail at home after I come back from Company, I didn’t recieve any mail has as same thought as me for long time ago! You know, My grandparents and 2 uncles  live in your country now, they want me come living there, but I refused  just ’cause I think USA is a richest country but not a paradise ! It mean anywhere U can get a good job and earn lots of money, there are a paradise, and Vietnam is also my paradise now ! Friends of mine learn-abroad now think I’m stupid and crazy but I don’t care! Maybe I wrong, but maybe not ! You know, I’m a administrator Secrectary for a Consultant Office, so My work make me contact and meet many foreigners working at a foreign Company, but almost they don’t think that it’s so fun buying the children Cokes and playing with them, although they earn lots of money in Vietnam ! This is the first time I hear the sweetest sentences ! You are an warmed-heart American man !

Difference to your work, maybe teaching and contacting with students make you young and good spirit, my work always contact with Bussiness Contracts, Partners, Moneys,… make my soul stoned and no feeling althought I don’t want any more ! Your last mail make my soul fresh and survise ! Thanks for all good thought U had about my country !

P/S : My Speaking is better than writting, so maybe U have to brainstome to understand ! Please forgive me about that !
I wish U had a good day and hapiness !


By Mateo de Colón

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