E-mail to Uyen Dang 3.8.2004

Hello Uyen!

I asked Giang also for your e-mail because I wanted to write you!  I had a great time in Vietnam and really do want to work and live there.  It’s interesting that you say most people want to work in the USA.  It’s true, the USA is the richest country but I know very well that many people are not happy.  Most people think money makes happiness but it’s not true.  Most of the rich people I know are very unhappy.  So I was amazed that even though many Vietnamese are poor they are extremely happy and friendly!  I was happy to talk with all of them and prefer your country much more than in America.  I wrote all about this issue in “my book” on my website as well as many other thoughts. 

The problem with being rich is that there will always be people richer than you.  So even if a person becomes rich, they will simply want more money and it will never end.  Also, these people become suspicious of others because they think that other people only want to be friends with them for their money.  It’s a big problem and those kinds of people turn nasty.  Therefore, I found a paradise in your country where people are happy, and prices are cheap.  Most people in my city work so hard all year so they can go on vacation and must spend a lot of money for only one week!  In Vietnam, I could go to the ocean every weekend if I wanted and not have to spend so much money.  Also, the food is so delicious and healthy! 

Finally, many foreigners do not want to work in Vietnam because they think happiness means making a lot of money!  They are also bothered by poor people always trying to get them to buy things.  As for me, I’ve realized that money is not happiness.  Happiness is having good friends, intelligent conversation and the opportunity to try and make your own business.  If I work in America or Japan I will have to work very hard until I’m 40 for someone else and hope that the management will promote me.  Then I will have to spend all my money on very expensive items which are only “things” that will not make me very happy.  I would be much happier making a lot of money in Vietnam and then helping the poor people have something to eat, and get them the things they need for daily life.  This would make me feel very good on the inside.  So I think I’ve found what true happiness is in your country.  I had more fun buying the children Cokes and playing with them in Vietnam, then of all my nights going out in America, Tokyo or Paris.  It simply made me feel good about myself. 

In the richest areas of the world people will look at what clothes you are wearing and what shoes are on your feet before they even have a chance to get to know you.  This is very silly in my opinion and they are quite superficial.  I would prefer to be with the people who don’t have so much money because only then can I know that they are honestly good people.  Also, I think Vietnam has so much potential for business and it’s something I would like to be a part of. 

Thank you so much for your compliments!  I was very glad to meet such a lovely person and I hope that we can become good friends!  Good luck with your business and I hope I will see you again when I come to your country! 


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Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 8:26 PM

Subject: From your new Vietnamese friend !

Hi,I’ve seen your photo and known that U want to live and work in Vietnam ! Do you remmeber Mr.Phuong : Director’s company? He gave me your web-side and said that : U are an interligent man !  I came to your web-side and had more information about U such as : you’re an English teacher, you travelled many country, especially Asian Area, Peru,…, you can speak French, Spanish, Italian,.. (if I don’t make mistake !)  I’m so sorry if its made you unpleasant ! I’m just curious about an American man who want to establish in Vietnam and make friend with Vietnamese girls !

You know, friends of mine really want to learn abroad and try to establish in a foreign country : America, your country for example ! Foreigner hardly want to live working in Vietnam ! Maybe U like my country , I believe in you , ’cause I have some foreign teacher they come from England, teach English in VN, get married, and live forever in my country !

I send mail to U to encourage U live and establish in my country if U really want it ! U know, my country is not richer than yours but it’s so nice ! Vietnamese are friendly, foods are great and at last Vietnamese girls is so beautifull !  I’ve known U spent 1 week to travelled some beauty spot in VN and I think U know I tell right !

I wish U had a good job in future, maybe in my country, maybe not ! Anyway, I am best regarded to your good thinking about my country !Good luck to U !


By Mateo de Colón

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