E-mail to Giang 3.6.2004

Hello Giang, 

I don’t have Uyen’s e-mail!  Could you please send it to me?  

Life in Japan is very interesting.  I have been here 3 years and learned so much.  The Japanese way of thinking is very difficult to understand and I’ve made many mistakes in 3 years.  I finally feel that I can understand them now and appreciate the beauty of their culture.  Everyone here is very polite but it’s more difficult to become “intimate” with them.  In Vietnam, everyone smiles at me and I feel that they are very friendly.  The Japanese smile to be polite but there is always a distance which is normal in their society.  It takes a long time to gain their trust and become “true” friends.  It was difficult at first because I’m always considered a foreigner, whereas in Spain, France and Mexico, I could become like them easily.  Not true here, but it’s just something I have to live with.  Sometimes, foreigners have a very hard time adjusting to life in Japan but Asians do better than most westerners.  However, for Koreans, and Chinese, they have to deal with a little bit of racism from time to time but it’s getting better.  How is it in Vietnam?  How do Vietnamese feel about westerners and other Asians?  

Anyway, I’m trying very hard to find a job in Vietnam because I really want to live in your country.  I see a lot of potential for businesses to move there because the wages are so cheap.  The Americans want a large salary for easy jobs that anyone can do, so many businesses are moving to Asia which will help the country become richer.  Many of my friends in America have lost their jobs because the company went overseas.  I see that this trend will most likely continue unless the politicians in America try to stop it.  I hope not, because I really love Asia and want to stay here.  

Take care! 


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Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2004 3:47 PM

Subject: RE: Hi there! 

Hi! When I am opening your photo file, I reply this to you. 

Uyen said that she did not receive any email from you. Pls check. I am still in the office working. Not know what to chat now. Tell me about your life in Japan. How you enjoy it? 



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