E-mail to Kate 7.16.2003

Hi Kate!

Congratulations on your getting married!  I wish you the best of luck!
Thanks also for inviting me but I think I will still be in Japan at that
time,,, although I would love to come to your wedding!  I am going to come back for a visit on August 15 – Sept. 8th and then again at Christmas.  I am planning on studying one more year of Japanese and then will have to get a “real” job by August 2004.  I’m not sure where I will go yet but it will probably be Hawaii or California..

Sorry it took me so long to write back but my friends from America were visiting for 2 weeks.  Also, I have my final presentation in Japanese tomorrow and have been doing a lot of work this week.  I’m soo tired!!!

As for Jeff, I haven’t heard from him either but he uses MSN instant
messenger from time to time.  If you write him a message on Instant
Messenger I’m sure you will be able to talk with him.

Also, congratulations on finding a job!  I hope that you are happy!!  I’ll write you more as soon as this really busy Japanese class finishes.  It’s too much work!!


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From: Kate
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Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 5:45 AM
Subject: Hello

> Hi there!! How are you been??? I found a job and this Thursday is going to be a month since I start working. I am getting married. The wedding is going to be on May 15, 2004, here in Nashville, TN. So, tell me if you are going to be in the USA so I can send you an invitation. So, tell me, how things are going??? When are you coming back??? We will go to Spain for my honeymoon, so I am very excited, I always want to come back to there. My brother and his wife are going to Spain in three months for vacation, so I suggested them some places so they can go to visit. Well, I hope to hear from you soon. Miguel Angel sent me an e-mail the other day and he asked
me about you guys. I haven’t heard from Jeff lately so I don’t know how he is doing. But I hope you write me back so we can keep in contact more often.

Take care Matt.

Hasta luego !!!

By Mateo de Colón

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