E-mail to Ron 6.27.2003


Don’t worry about the shirt.  It’s says “Waseda” and is the name of the university where I study Japanese.  If I may brag, it is also on of the top three best universities in Japan.  In Japan the #1 is Tokyo University which is public, but then you have two private universities Keio and Waseda which are about equal.  These three universities all always grouped together when talking about the best universities in Japan.  Here is Waseda’s English website 

http://www.waseda.ac.jp/index-e.html .

I’ll be in C-town again from August 15 through September 8th.  It would be super if we could get to Damon’s but lets be damn sure there is no damn Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Fooseball, or Australian Rules footie tournaments the day we go so we can play trivia.  I wonder if Angela is still working there and if so, we will have to kidnap her and get her a better job.

In other news I spent 36 hours last weekend figuring out Macromedia Fireworks and Flash.  I already knew Dreamweaver.  Now I can design a page like the pros.  The problem is I have a lot of text.  I took a look at your company’s website and Audi’s and if you’ll notice they don’t have enough text to require you to scroll.  That seems to be the trend, keeping the company website simple.  So what they do is design the same page and then just crop the top and side which remain the same.  The middle part they change and then piece it back together.  You can see that the top and side flash for a
second which means it’s loading another page but it’s basically the same page with just the middle changed.  I can’t do that though because I have too much information I want to put up.  I designed the main page layout but still have a lot of work to do, but check out my site and tell me what you think.

El Mattador

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From: “Ron ap Rhys”
To: Mateo
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 3:22 AM
Subject: hola


I received your package today.  Thanks for the gifts.  The furosiki will be displayed prominently as it’s damn cool.

Do I even want to ask what the shirt says?

Also, when are you going to be in town again?  Just trying to coordinate about 800 things in to one weekend and I need to make sure that I’ve got everything set so I don’t miss anyone…



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