E-mail to Farah 7.17.2003

Hey Farah-san!

You are lucky you left Nihongo class when you did.  We have to do two final projects and Thursdays teacher is being worse than usual.  She now speaks neither Japanese nor English but some crazy mix she made up herself.  I hate that stupid woman.  But after tomorrow it will all be over, and the projects will be done with.  Actually only a few people even bother to come to class now since the projects are so retarded.  That would be Me, Ron, Steve, Ekuberu, and Lina-san (sometimes).  Everyone else quit coming.  You left at the perfect time.

I’m going home from August 15 through Sept 8 and can’t wait because I really need a break from Japan.  It will be good to relax in a place where people are normal, and I can go golfing whenever I feel like it. 

How is London treating you?


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From: Farah

To: Mateo

Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 1:28 AM

Subject: Hello From London!

Hey Matto san!!!how are you?!?! when r u going back home? how is everything going in the Nihongo class??



By Mateo de Colón

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