Mexico – 7.4.1999

I couldn’t write yesterday because we went to Mexico City for the whole day.  I’ll begin Friday night when we all planned to go to the discotech.  We were sitting on the balcony (The Agri boys and I) when this Venezuelan guy walks past us and knocks on Johanna’s and Kathryn’s door.  It turns out that they had met him at the perfume store and he was going to take them out.  They didn’t want to go alone with this guy so we all decided to go along.  They were also a bit nervous because this guy had dropped them off at the hotel before but wasn’t supposed to know which room they were in.  

So we go to this discotech called Furia.  We walk up to the desk to pay and it turns out they have no change.  What kind of business do they run??  So we finally negotiate to pay the cover charge along with the rest of our tab at the end of the night.  It turns out that Venezuelan guy (Max) brought absolutely no money.  Things are starting to get shady.  I decide to pay his entrance fee and I even bought the mooch a few beers. While we were at the table I was sitting next to Johanna and Max.  Johanna still kinda liked Max and Max loved Johanna but that would change.  Max spoke no English and Johanna doesn’t speak very good Spanish.  So guess who got to be the translator?!!  My brain was almost fried by the end of the night.  Most of the discussion between them was Max telling Johanna he loved her and wanted them to be “novios.”  Johanna quickly lost interest.  The rest of the gang wasn’t having too much fun at first but after they got some beer in them it was a different story. 

Part of the problem was that it wasn’t a normal discotech.  IT was mostly an older crowd and they had a band which played mostly traditional Mexican music.  However, they did take breaks and would put on popular CD music. That was the time when everyone started to dance.  The farm boys even got up to dance and later on were even dancing with two Mexican girls.  I was talking with that group when one asked me to dance.  I did but it was boring because the song sucked and I really didn’t want to dance with her anyway.  She told me she was 28 years old but turned out to be only 17!  Also, the girl Greg was talking to turned out to be married.  This night was getting strange.  Lying married girls and a guy with no money.  Can it get any stranger?  Anywho, we had a good time and got to bed at 3am.

Then we awake at 8 o’clock to go to Mexico City.  The biggest shock I got there was the metro.  Imagine mass amounts of people pushing their way into an already completely packed train.  During this girls got molested and pockets get picked.  Johanna was holding on to me and we didn’t make it on with the rest of the group.  It was no big deal though because they were simply going to the next stop.  We could catch the next one.  When the door closed Tom was frantically pointing to the ground.  This shady Mexican had picked his pocket but dropped the wallet by accident on the floor by his feet.

I picked it up and looked inside and it was Toms.  I then looked at the thief who was with two equally shady loking people that should be shot in the head and weeded out of the gene pool type of guys.  I took Johanna and we walked by a police man.  They started to follow us but stopped after they saw the police man.  Now it was our turn to try and get on the God forsaken metro without getting robbed or molested.  I fought through the crowd with Johanna and made sure nothing was taken.  We got to the next stop and I fought my way out and had to pull poor Johanna out.  It’s times like that that I stop believing in human dignity.  They act like animals taking people’s things, men rubbing themselves against women and touching them.  I think people like that should be weeded out of the gene pool as well.  I think Mexico city metro is the number one thing I hate in life.  Getting robbed at knife point seems actually pleasant now compared to that damn metro.  

We did have a good time at the city though.  We saw Diego Rivera murals that depicted the history of Mexico.  I guess the Spanish really did do some horrible things to the Indians and if I was Mexican would hate the Spanish too.  But, I’m not and still love Spain and the Spanish over Mexico.  

However, I really do like Mexico as well.  One thing that you notice about the city is the constant smell of sewage.  The place is soo polluted.  Also, they have those street markets everywhere.  People sit out on blankets and sell their goods.  It reminded me of Salamanca only Salamanca was cleaner and didn’t smell.  It was a good experience though and we got to see many interesting things.  All in all, I had a good time.  When we finally got back we were extremely exhausted but some of the people actually wanted to go out.

(Hisam just stopped by and says he loves American because you can get hot coffee there.)

There was no way I was going out and just went to bed.  

Today is not going to be fun because I have to study all day for the exam tomorrow. 


By Mateo de Colón

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