Mexico – 7.5.1999

I think I finally have this trip all figured out.  They are giving us mass information these first two weeks so we have appropriate information and knowledge to apply to the field trips.  I’ve looked ahead in the syllabus and we do have a lot of field trips coming.  That MAKES ME HAPPY!

We just got done taking our first two mid-terms and I lucked out.  They chose the questions that dealt with business and that is my forte.  I think I did really well.

I also finally got to write e-mail today.  I really miss Tory.  I am also jealous as all hell since she is going out drinking with two Spanish guys and her friend Mike.  She gets to go have fun!  Joder!  But she needs the break, she works so hard.  I just wish I was there with her.  I also wish she would write me more because that is really the only thing I have to look forward to at the moment.  I really hope we get to go to the beach soon.  I really need the break.

I am grateful to be on this trip.  I had a dream last night that we were all sent home and I was really disappointed.  I’m glad to learn the culture of Mexico and be able to use this trip as a stepping stone to my high business goals.  Ok, only 45 more minutes to lunch.  I really hope it’s a good one this time.  


By Mateo de Colón

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