Mexico – 7.21.1999

Today was just a regular day of classes.  We did have our first midterm in Rural Sociology though and I think I did pretty well.  One interesting thing did happen though.  As I was walking to lunch Tom yelled to me that this Spanish guy was trying to communicate with him but he couldn’t understand.  Nadia was there but the guy said he didn’t want to talk with a woman.  I asked him what was up and he said he just wanted the American point of view on a few things.  I told him I could meet in about a half an hour after lunch.  

When we met he asked me what I thought about a guy cheating on his wife.  I said that was bad, duhh.  Anywho to make a long story short he said his buddy had cheated on his wife and her self esteem was down and she felt terrible.  They went to a marriage counselor and he said a way to save the marriage was for the wife to spend the night with a younger man.  This would be a way to save the marriage?  Before he told me about his “friend” he asked me what I Thought about older women.  Ok, basically he wanted me to sleep with his supposed friend’s wife because I was young and not from around here.  There is no way in hell I could even think about doing that so he asked me if any of my friends might be interested.  I told him we are all Catholic and have morals.  Crazy stuff like this always happens to me in Mexico.

That night we got a few bottles of wine to celebrate the midterms being over.  I went to bed around 12 o’clock and will continue the story tomorrow.  

By Mateo de Colón

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